Predictions from around the punditry

GC7Cc3Ds_biggerWe always like to publish the predictions of other pundits.  We chronicle them here, so we can review the links, just in case they magically disappear (cough yahoo, cough).  Anyway, the following links are provided herein….

Sporting news


Hockey Writers

ESPN – we didn’t know they followed hockey, lol

NBC Sports – we did know they follow hockey

CBS Sports – hmmm, see ESPN

Blue Shirts Banter – Oh my, I can’t believe we are highlighting them this, given our storied history with their site.  However, we have always been Rangers fans so….

Mile High Hockey – we love us some Altitude

Oilonwhyte – this bunch of predictions is very unlike ours……thank goodness….or uh oh?

And of Course, last but not least – Vegas Insider

Bottom line; there are lots of people with lots of opinions about lots of things.  However  We have yet to find any statistical analytics based predictions out there yet.  We are looking for Emmanuel Perry’s Corsica 2.0 stuff and will publish it when/if we find it.




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