Sea-son’s Over!

The results are in.  Our conference ranks predicted versus actual were 0.23 in the east and a very respectable 0.56 in the west.  In the east, we lost 26 points due to the incredible year over year improvement by Columbus and the abysmal disappointment that was Philadelphia.  Swapping the performance of these two outliers would have resulted in a 0.49 score, similar to the west.

In the west, we were tracking at 0.75 as recently as February……had it not been for Connor McDavid our 0.56 would have been much higher.  Did you know he drew 50 man advantage penalties this year (against 12 taken)?  (Also amazing was that Johnny Gaudreau had a positive 34 advantage and only went to the box twice the whole year!!).

NOTE – Our playoff predictions may not be ready in time for the puck drop Wednesday.  We spent the weekend tabulating net penalty margin by hand since has been defunct for some time.  As such, the compilation of the Advanced Bracton score went from a gigantic to herculean task.  While we are not fully prepared to give predictions based on the AB score – an effort which in the past three years has produced staggeringly accurate predictive results – we can eyeball our preliminary data.

In the west, and this is subject to change, it appears as if it will be………

MIN over STL

CHI over NSH

SJ over EDM

CGY over ANA

We hope to crunch the actual numbers before Wednesday.  However, we can say with some reasonable certainty that this is how it could shake out.




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