Updated playoff predictions

OK we have finalized our data.  To follow up our predictions made yesterday, we are presenting our picks for the 2015-2016 playoffs.  These are for the first round only, and the selections are based solely on the Advanced Bracton score for each team (the higher score wins the series).

PIT over NYR (6 or 7 games)

TB over DET (5 or 6 games)

WAS over PHI (5 or 6 games)

FLA over NYI (5 or 6 games)

In the West…….

CHI over STL (6 or 7 games)

DAL over MIN (6 or 7 games)

NSH over ANA (5 or 6 games)

SJ over LA (6 or 7 games)

Well that’s it.  We can’t wait until the puck drops tonight.

Edit – the following is a list of the AB scores by team adjusted for time on ice for the regular season – these represent aggregate goals at the margin (positive and negative) .  So far the team with the higher AB score has prevailed in 11/14 playoff series played thus far.

CHI 12.73248
DAL 7.506314
MIN 5.133236
SJ 3.770915
LA -7.17856
NSH -9.276
STL -11.4826
CGY -22.8827
WPG -27.8504
ARI -28.2688
ANA -40.7682
VAN -54.5706
COL -57.0738
EDM -57.807
PIT 31.80875
FLA 11.89976
WAS 8.919731
TB 5.453078
NYR 4.808707
NYI -4.39273
PHI -7.43278
OTT -8.55168
DET -14.4097
BUF -15.2804
MTL -31.0851
BOS -32.8009
CAR -35.0605
NJD -37.5549
TOR -38.971
CBJ -56.6812






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