’s NHL 2021-22 Season Predictions

It’s that time of year again! We are one sleep away from puck drop of the 2021-22 National Hockey League season, and the excitement levels at are massively high. We’ve spent this Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving weekend compiling our projection models to create the image below. Also, our midseason reports from last season were something we thought contributed to our coverage of the trade deadline and other mid-season movement, so we will be undergoing that process again during the NHL’s Winter Olympic break. Another article similar to this one will provide an update at that time about how these predictions are standing, and we also plan to publish an Olympic projection article as well prior to the release of the midseason reports. With that being said, our pre-season pick to win the Stanley Cup is the Tampa Bay Lightning, as we believe they will become the first to accomplish this feat since the New York Islanders under Al Arbor in the early 1980s. Much more to come, happy hockey season everyone!


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