Senators Trade J-G Pageau To The Islanders For Draft Picks

The Ottawa Senators and GM Pierre Dorion continued their selling spree early in Monday’s trade deadline, as they acquired a conditional 2020 1st round pick, a 2020 2nd round pick, and a 2022 conditional 3rd round pick from the New York Islanders in exchange for coveted center Jean-Gabriel (J-G) Pageau. The 2020 1st round pick becomes a 2021 1st if the Islanders miss the playoffs, win the draft lottery, and select Top 3. If the Islanders win the Stanley Cup in 2020, then the Senators will get the 2022 3rd round pick. Should they fail to win it, the Senators wouldn’t get the pick.


Jean-Gabriel Pageau was a 4th round pick by the Ottawa Senators in the 2011 NHL draft. He has a career AB score of +1.85, and he registered an individual score above +3.9 in three of his first four NHL seasons, the other being a +1.07. However, over the last two seasons, Pageau has actually been a negative player at -1.92 and -1.29. On a positive note, those scores were among the higher ones on the two respective Senators teams, as the 2017-18 Senators had a team score of -53.98, and the 2018-19 Senators had the worst team score in franchise history (that we have access to) at -89.58. The fact that Pageau was still able to put up respectable numbers in those disastrous seasons AB wise shows the quality of player the Islanders are getting. This season, he has set a career-high in goals with 25 and is two points away from tying his career-high in points, with around 20 games remaining in the regular season. Pageau has an impressive penalty taken/drawn ratio at 6:15, and an equally impressive giveaway/takeaway ratio at 24:29. Pageau also had the best +/- number at +10 of any Senators player this season and was in the Top 3 on the team in hits with 116. Pageau obviously must have made a good impression on new coach DJ Smith, as was averaging almost three more minutes per game than his previous career average of 16:13.


We like the deal for Ottawa, as they keep accumulating prospects and picks for their rebuild. Following deadline day, assuming the Islanders make the playoffs, the Senators have their own 1st round pick, San Jose’s 1st, the Islanders’ 1st, their own 2nd round pick, Columbus’ 2nd, Dallas’ 2nd, the Islanders’ 2nd, their own 3rd round pick, Winnipeg’s 3rd, their own 4th round pick, Tampa Bay’s 5th round pick, San Jose’s 6th round pick, and St. Louis’ 6th in the upcoming 2020 draft in Montreal (13 total picks). It will surely be interesting to see the results of the draft lottery, as Ottawa could have two Top Five picks. According to, Ottawa’s pick currently has an 11.5% chance at #1 (3rd best odds), San Jose’s pick has 9.5% (5th best odds), and the Islanders pick is slotted at 22 (not in the lottery). Much more to come, as we are entering a crucial time for the Senators and their fans.


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