Thank You Henrik and Daniel Sedin

The Vancouver Canucks are retiring the jersey numbers of two of the franchises’ greatest players, the Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel on Wednesday, February 12th against the Chicago Blackhawks. We want to take this post and reflect on the careers of these two unbelievable hockey players, ones that I practically grew up watching.


We all know how it began. Then GM of the Canucks Brian Burke knew that he had to find a way to acquire both of the Sedin brothers at the 1999 NHL draft. Burke knew that the value of these brothers together was much higher than if they were on separate teams, so he made a series of trades that landed the Canucks the 2nd and 3rd overall picks in the draft. Atlanta selected Patrik Stefan, which allowed Burke to select the twins 2 and 3 overall, and the rest was history.


Henrik and Daniel both played over 1300 games in their fantastic careers, in which they combined for 633 goals, 1,478 assists, and 2,111 points. AB wise, both brothers had career scores above +2, with Daniel having a slightly higher career score with a +2.48 compared to Henrik’s +2.18. Daniel only had one negative season over the ten-year period of data we have on the twins (his last season was a career-worst -5.53), and Henrik only had two over the same span (his last two seasons -0.8 and -7.93 respectively). They were part of the best era of Canucks hockey team-score wise as they were on the +47.9, +22.63, +17.23, and +16.81 teams from 2008-2012.


I will never forget the final home game that the twins played together, as Daniel scored the game-winning goal in overtime assisted by his brother. It was the perfect way for the twins to go out, and I was so happy I was able to watch that game live. The link for that OT will be included in this article


I am a younger hockey fan than most, however, I will never forget the Saturday nights growing up where I would try and get the energy to stay up for the 2nd game of the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast to watch the Sedin brothers and the Vancouver Canucks play. Their 2011 Stanley Cup run was one of my favorite runs as a hockey fan and I was blessed to have experienced it. We at would like to thank the Sedin brothers for a great career and many great memories growing up.


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