Update on the new look Leafs

We wanted to weigh in on the recent developments with Toronto, especially the Tavares signing. In short, we think its OK (not amazing) for the Leafs, because they needed to replace the production of JvR and Bozak.   While Tavares should contribute as much as what has been lost, we are not sold on him as a true two way player…..

To us, a bigger impact (positively) for the Leafs from an advanced Bracton standpoint are the departures of Roman Polak (-5.2 goals) and Bozak (even), the prospect of possibly more minutes for Josh Leivo (+5.07), a fourth line role for Josh Jooris (+3.37), third line (!!) pairing for Nazem Kadri (+3.24, should be a BIG mismatch league wide for a man that is already GREAT in net penalty margin), the irrelevance of Matt Martin (-5.17) and Leo Komorov (-1.15), and a full year of Travis Dermott (+3.80).  That contribution of goals at the margin, if past is prologue, should be good for the most points in the conference.

This is supported by, but not because of, the JT signing.  If the Leafs get two more +AB defensemen, we would likely consider them to be eastern conference favorites.  Calvin DeHaan and Christian Folin make the most sense to us.  Most of the other UFAs defensemen are unsigned for a reason……


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