Postmortem – Anaheim Ducks – updated

Please see our first entry regarding the Anaheim Ducks April 28.  Today we wish to add to our analysis with the following.

Anaheim Ducks – we wrote a post mortem on the Ducks on April 28.  The problems underpinning this team are not novel, but ANA does appear to have a hidden asset; many of the players that cost them goals at the margin as outlined in our article, are forwards.  This is a highly unusual circumstance league wide where most of the problem children are defensemen.  As such, the Ducks may be better able to find replacement players for the Shawn Horcoffs of the world with greater ease than can a team with most of its glaring deficiencies on the back end (like Colorado and Detroit, for examples).  Additionally, the Ducks were simply horrific at turning the puck over on a net basis versus the rest of the league.  Can coaching or a change in philosophy thwart this situation?


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