Round one is complete – how did we do?

Of the series concluded in the first round of the 2015-2016 NHL playoffs, the team with the better Advnaced Bracton score prevailed in 6 out of 8 playoff series.  The only two that did not were Chicago and Florida.  This is similar to the results seen last post-season (7/8) and in 2014 (6/8).  It seems that teams geared toward mistake minimization have a tendency to win playoff series.  This seems intuitive, but we continue to marvel at how many hockey mavens do not seem to grasp this concept.  To wit: (and how could 3/4 of these guys have ANA going to the finals?)

How about this from Fox Sports – LOL “less than stellar” indeed

This is sort of hilarious….

NHL Playoff Predictions 2016: Picks, Analysis For Every Round 1 Series

This is a little better…sort of

Bleacher report got half of it right

NHL Playoffs 2016: Schedule, Stanley Cup Bracket Format and Predictions

Three of these writers got 6/8, the rest…..not so much

And then of course there are our friends at Puck Daddy – Other than “Dobber” Dobbs (who got 7/8), this is exactly what we would expect…..with the editor Wyshynski pulling down a whopping three correct predictions….Love it!–puck-daddy-picks-the-champions-223725272.html




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