Just a couple more weeks. Hang in there.

We at believe we have demonstrated that our proprietary metric, the Advanced Bracton Score, is a successful retrospective method by which to gauge the success or failure of an NHL team within a season. We have published our results for both 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 on this website. In each entry, the data we amassed showed an extremely high correlation between positive AB scores, final team rank, and playoff success.

As the 2015-2016 season approaches, we are going to test our theory prospectively using a projected AB score based on team movements in the offseason (which we have been tracking closely and think we have complete). Having the benefit of some preseason games to assess possible line combinations and/or cuts form the 23 man rosters should aid us in this process.

We will adjust 2014-2015 numbers for each of the statistics that comprise the Advanced Bracton Score, including player age. This will include the potential impact of roster moves for 2015-2016, additions and subtractions from team prior season sides (note – a strategic subtraction or two could easily make the difference in some cases between making and missing the playoffs). This is why we are waiting to see final rosters before publishing predictions (unlike virtually every other hockey hound). So check back with us as we will be rolling out the numbers in the aggregate, not leaking them individually, by division or conference.


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