NHL Playoff Predictions!!

So we have crunched the numbers for the 16 playoff teams.  In years past, we have predicted with more than reasonable accuracy that the team with the higher AB score in the regular season will prevail in a playoff match up against a team with a lower AB score.  As a result of our analysis, we are predicting the following:


Boston 25.04 over Toronto 16.55 in 6 or 7

Tampa 55.32 over Columbus 18.43 in 5 games

Islanders 17.49 over Pittsburgh 15.60 in 7 games

Carolina 14.81 over Washington 1.89 in 6


Calgary 42.55 over Colorado -20.62 in 4 or 5

Winnipeg 15.55 over STL 7.71 in 6 or 7

Las Vegas 12.98 over SJ 5.27 in 6

Nashville 4.79 over Dallas -31.28 (how did they make the playoffs?) in a sweep.

There you have it.  In case our work isn’t enough for you, here’s what the paid punditry is saying








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