Final rho calculations for the 2018-19 regular season

Well ladies and gentlemen, another hockey regular season is in the books.  As is our custom, we are publishing our rank correlations for our preseason predictions.

Overall, we scored a 59% in the eastern conference, with the largest outliers being New Jersey (negative, thanks to the absence of Taylor Hall) and Montreal (positive).  We think that this correlation is quite highly positive, and encourages us to further fine tune our predictive efforts for next season.

In the west, the results were far less impressive, or a 0.08 – by far the lowest correlation yet in our five years of doing this.  The entirety of the discrepancy between conferences can be attributed to the fact that we got MIN, LA, ANA and CGY dead wrong.  In fact, if we to reverse just CGY and LA, the score would have been a very respectable 0.44.  In the offseason we will be paying very close attention especially to how we could have missed CGY by such a wide margin – assuredly the impact of Elias Lindholm……an incredible rags to riches story….. certainly was a major contributor.

As the numbers behind the season, the rank of each team, and individual player stats become available, we anticipate a much clearer picture to emerge.


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