Southern Fried Hockey

Okay.  We know we have had our issues with Greg Wyshynski at ESPN over the years.  However, we have to applaud……and we mean a standing ovation, catfish on the ice, PK Subban bobblehead night cheering………for his articles regarding hockey in the south in general and in Alabama in particular.

If you ever read two articles from Wysh in your life, we strongly encourage you to read these:

Each piece does a marvelous job at depicting “days in the life” of people within the hockey communities of Huntsville and Birmingham, AL, while placing special emphasis on juxtaposing their realities within the context of the greater Nashville Predator MSA.  The articles are interesting in that the writer allows the people he interviews to opine on their thoughts and feelings and casts his own biases, predispositions, and dare we say, stereotypes, aside (meaning no “Cousin Vinny” stuff). In this way, his approach is refreshing, especially in this world where seemingly everything is about the writer and not the fan.

Having said that, we ironically, and laughingly, wish to alert our readers that we will be commenting extensively about these articles, and thereby making it ALL about us.   Sure, we admit we are taking the low ground here, but Wysh’s article about selling hockey in the south has struck several nerves.  Honestly, we have been stewing on the issues raised in his articles for as long as this blog has been in existence.  Why?  Because the writers of this blog hail from a southern area, in which the nearest hockey teams are 150 miles away, and in which there is seemingly little current or cultural interest…..even after the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup.

We ask you to allow some time for us to craft careful responses to these incredibly thought provoking pieces.  We will warn you that our thoughts may be controversial, because an authentic extension of the topics glanced upon by Wysh probably ought to span the gamut of currently nationally taboo issues; from religion, to race, to culture, to bias to stereotypes.  Hmmm.  Is this the reason he chose to let the community do the talking and not interject many of his own opinions into his fine works?  Maybe.  However, we think we can boldly take this discussion, maturely, to the next level. It absolutely warrants in depth discussion.

What is the source of our passion?  Well, we have a little experience with selling hockey in the south.  After all, two guys from south of the Mason Dixon line have been writing this blog…….so there’s that.

In an upcoming piece in the near future we will tell you why.  It may be our signature work.


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