Hi Wysh! – New members to the JDB fan club welcome

We have joked in the past that Greg Wyshynski and Ryan Lambert (in their Yahoo days) were not only readers of hockeyfreeforall.com but also scavengers of our angles.  If they are Puck Daddies, maybe we are the daddies of puck daddies Lol,

Well, now writing for ESPN, it seems Wysh is the newest member of the Jake DeBrusk fan club (started by us).  Here is a link to his fine article about the new crowned prince of hockeyfreeforall.com, JDB himself.

To us, this article provides an in-depth look into the life and times of JDB. However, and this is impossible to understate, his narrative is relayed without a statistical context for why JDB is important to the Bruins.  This is where we come in; solidifying the case for the Advanced Bracton metric.  Not only does our work supply a framework surrounding mistake minimization as a philosophy, but it makes players like JDB more prominent among those who best exemplify the concept of goals scored and prevented at the margin (without having to actually put the puck in the net themselves).

By measuring the abstract, we think we have advanced the discussion of what makes a hockey team successful far above the traditional dialogue which takes place concerning articles such as that written by Wysh.  We suppose that is for the reader to decide…..which I guess is why we are here.

Oh and BTW, Wysh, you may want to check out our other writings, especially those about the predictions for the upcoming season.  After reading, maybe you might want to rethink that whole “San Jose is going to win the west” thing……,.


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