Here are the final predictions for the west. – This may be the year where ANA comes down to earth (and whether Fredrick Anderson was holding them together). COL may surprise us with a new defensive system, but that is difficult to model.  They need to shore up the back end.

SJ and MIN look solid based on very few off-season changes (and stay healthy Zach Parise).  We aren’t drinking as much CGY or VAN kool aid this year, but both teams appear somewhat improved.  In the case of VAN, their PK could not have been worse……so that means it will be better?  DAL would have been higher if not for the myriad of new faces.  NSH with PK should be a lot of fun to watch, but we shall see if his style is really a fit with the on-ice philosophy in the Motor City.

The rankings:

SJ         23.03
MIN         17.52
CHI         14.70
DAL         (1.62)
STL         (7.74)
LA      (14.56)
NSH      (14.85)
VAN      (17.95)
CGY      (19.18)
ANA      (35.08)
EDM      (37.73)
WPG      (51.98)
ARI      (63.31)
COL      (74.69)

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