Final RHO calculations for 2015-16 season

The 2015-16 regular season is now over.  For those who have been following us all along, thank you.  The results are in, and they are mixed.  We posted a Spearman’s Rho rank calculation (meaning the statistical difference between predicted and actual) of 0.394 (relatively predictive) in the east and a 0.160 (mildly predictive) in the west. We believe, based on a very preliminary review of the numbers, that our ability to predict these outcomes was impacted severely by our methodology concerning first year players and/or players for whom historical data was not available.  We also think that the prospective crystal ball was severely impacted by injury to key players on certain teams (like MTL).

We will be tabulating the results for each team, making playoff predictions, and providing a full report as to what transpired, what did not materialize, as well as an analysis of the assumptions versus actual performance of every team.

Please stay tuned, we are going to be very busy the next couple of days.


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