An update

Sorry we have not posted in a while but we have been admittedly crunching numbers as the season has worn on.  Our RHO calculations for both conferences has been remarkably consistent with those found in the earlier part of the year.  For those who have been tracking us, we have seen mid 0.40’s for the eastern conference and around 0.30 in the west.  We will providing a full analysis on the numbers once the season ends.  We are pleased with the scores in the east, where we have been nearly dead on; with the exception of Washington (wow) and Montreal (Carey Price is everything to that club).  In the west, it would be easy to be somewhat disappointed with a score in the 20’s.  However, this can be explained away almost in full by the abject performance of the Calgary Flames, who we had finishing second in the conference.  As of this writing, if Calgary had been as high as 8th place, our RHO score would be approaching a very respectable 0.50.

As the season ends, we will put a full court press on crunching the final numbers, examining what went right/wrong and seeing where our blanket predictions for players with unknown prior statistics impacted our actual outcomes.  Of course we will also be analyzing retrospectively the actual Advanced Bracton Scores for the 2015-2016 and compare them with conference finish and playoff seeding.  Stay tuned, we will becoming more active as the season concludes.  Thanks for your patience, since the data mining is an immense undertaking.


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