So how are we doing so far? Here’s a sampling.

Ok so the new season officially kicked off last week. We wanted to give you some first impressions as well as some headlines that may surprise the “experts” but in no way amazing to us.  However of course we recognize the season just started and anything can happen and usually does.  While we haven’t been perfect so far (c’mon Calgary), we are encouraged by the initial results into our foray into stargazing. Here are some observations through the eyes of the media.

Wild comfortable with any matchup

The Rangers and Tampa are off to great starts – no surprise there.

How about Vancouver? Very few people are giving this team any love. And, didn’t we say their matchups against Anaheim would be crucial this year?

Speaking of love, seemingly EVERYONE loves Anaheim (0-2), but we cannot make a case as to why this team is a world dominating Stanley Cup Champion to be based on the numbers (BTW videos and other media are slowly “expiring” from websites as the season progresses.

We would be lying if we didn’t revel in the preseason delusion in Penguins land – while we have PIT just barely making the playoffs, we didn’t up until the very last day before final rosters (which may cost us). Contrast this:

With this (two games into the season):

Speaking of teams barely making the playoffs in our model are none other than…….drumroll

Did we underestimate the San Jose Sharks? No. But a lot of people did. (HFFA has the Sharks in the playoffs)

We did however underestimate the Arizona Coyotes at 2-0 so far. The Leafs, Edmonton, Buffalo, Carolina and New Jersey however are going according to plan.

So much for the Blue Jackets indeed – HFFA has them in the bottom of the east due to their propensity to make big mistakes at crucial points in games.

This will not be the last time we hear this about Philly

Just a reminder of our piece on the Ottawa Senators (being in great shape)

And BTW, Detroit is good again…….news at 11


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